That’s “Cherhill’s Ancient Monument Protectors”, a group which aims to press the National Trust to complete the vital repairs needed by the Lansdowne Monument – or Cherhill Monument as it is often known. CHAMPS intend asking a question at the National Trust AGM in October. Cherhill Parish Council and Historic England are fully supportive of the Group and you can play your part by signing this petition.  As a result of a second survey and costings it now seems that the overall cost of the restoration will be considerably less than the National Trust first suggested.

If you would like to learn more about CHAMPS you can get in touch by email HERE

Reporting Problems to Wilts Council

You can now report just about anything to Wiltshire Council online. Just click HERE to go to the page where you can report problems, or go HERE to download the MyWiltshire app for your phone which will let you report anything from litter and highways concerns to fly-tipping and noise problems. The speed of response to reported problems has been impressive and this is now the preferred way of notifying Wiltshire Council