Latest News

  • A new planning application has been submitted for the Devine Cafe site on the A4. Details can be found on the Planning Applications Page.
  • Cherhill Show hosted by the Gardening Club will be held in Cherhill Village Hall on Saturday 28th August 2021. Click here for further details of the Gardening Club and information on how to enter the show.
  • The Parish of Calne of Without have a vacancy for the position of Parish Clerk. Details of the position can be found here.
  • Cherhill Parish Council is looking to maintain a list of contractors who could be called on to undertake work on its behalf within the Parish. Initially the work is likely to involve vegetation control and clearance, mowing, small items of rural maintenance such as stile repairs and other general groundworks. If you are a contractor who could be interested in this work please contact the Parish Clerk at or call 07384 595528

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